A helmet is a helmet is a helmet or is it?


Some people love them others can't stand them!


Lets start by saying most of us love the wind in our hair (in my case it's in what hair I have left!). But the law says that we need to wear one. I will not get  into that debate.


So what the differance between them all and why do they cost so much?

To start with it costs around $17,000 get a helmet tested to Australian standards plus 17 helmets to test. This cost is per model so you can just imagine the cost some companies go through to have hemlets in our market. If your helmet does not have an Australian standards sticker you are not covered by insurance nor can you race.


There is nothing more important then your head and brain! So we should protect it.

Like your head they come in all shape and sizes.

Like your head they come in all shape and sizes.

Next Question is which helmet do I need?

Every one is diffenent. So a helmet which suits your friend may not suit you. Try them on.Get the store to fit to your head. Yes it makes a differance. It is very personal choice which helmet. You maybe after the lightest or most vented you can find? Or you might want the must cost effetive one.

A mountan Bike helmet will offer a bulker feel and different all round shape. Visors are added to Mtb helmets. This is not to stop the sun but to stop sticks and brunches from slaping you in the face. Road helmets do not have a visor and you will see a lot of cyclist wearing a cap under them. Some helmets these day will have a light in the back or a place to mount a camera.




Most modern helmets must have a retension system in them. This is the part of the helmet which adjusts to your head. Most makes have something unique to that brand. The Lazer Ultrax  is an automatic wire spring. This systems work very well. As you fit the helmet it moves out to suit your head never feels to tight. The visor on ths model is also adjustable. The Netti Sonic (middle) has a rear placed ratchet system which only adjust the rear portion of the cradle. On the right is a Lazer Kiss which is a ladies helmet. This  range have female designs and smaller sizing. The retension system here is the Lazer roller system it adjusts the whole fitting cage around your head. This helmet is also pony tail friendly. It also has a light for your saftey.


BMX helemts are altogther different again. With a lot more impact area and little vents, no retension system and much harder outer shell with little consideration for weight.

The Netti Collus

The  conclusion!

After all that is said and done you looked into which helmet suits your head, which helmet suits your riding style and your budget the final consideration will be the fashion statement.Helmets come in a whole range of colours and styles, so pick  the one that suits your life, clothing styles too.

Choices choices choices

Choices choices choices