Brrr Winter is comimg!

Brrr Winter is comimg!

The Pro rides, Famers have been doing it for years and not talking a shelving the bike over the cooler months. Base layer will the buzz word this winter. I know most clothing companies are going to be getting into our ears about it with multi media ads and so on, So what it all about? Base layers are warn under your main layers with moister wixing materails in the fabric to take the moister away and keep you warm.

BBB Australia

The innovative seamless body construction incorporates rib zones for enhanced body support and increased thermal efficiency. Mesh zones provide improved perspiration control.
The combination of polypropylene and polyamide fibers is an excellent blend designed to keep you warm, dry and fresh.




BBB Australia have the stock ready to go now Short sleeve and lond sleeve

The short sleeve comes in xs/s m/l xl/xxl at $59.99

The long sleeve comes xs/s m/l xl/xxl at ony $69.99

Why buy a bike from a bike shop

The big debate.

A lot of people ask me what is the difference between our bikes and the bikes from Kmart and the like. The simple answer is quality; but that is not all.

When we assemble a bike from the box to the showroom floor it is like one BIG safety check. We are bike mechanics who care about the product that you are taking home. If you are unhappy, so are we. A bike should be comfortable and easy to ride. All the gears should work, the brakes should stop you in a safe distance. These are the things that we check and look for. Not to mention the wheels running true and that all the bearings are free running.




Bike comes out of the box looking like a tangled mess.

After these things are checked we start to full assemble the bike starting with handle bars and head stem. Rechecking gears and brakes again . All bolt tenions are now checked . Seat post greased and inserted. 


Bike ready for pedals and other parts. In the back gorund is our fully equipped workshop. This enables us to build and service most bike. By the way it is against Australian consumer starndards to sell a bike unassembled.

The final part is greasing the pedals and threading in. These pedals are left and right handed and not always marked so just another reason to have your bike built by a professional. Now the reflectors and bell are fitted to meet Australian standards. Did you know that all safety items (bells and reflectors) must be fitted or your bike can be defected by the local police. 

The finished product. It can take an hour to reach this point. But it's ready to rock your world. 

The finished product. It can take an hour to reach this point. But it's ready to rock your world. 

bkool trainer

Seems like I am full good news this week. First the Bianchi CV dealership Which is huge now this. The Bkool trainer is a standard trainer with an on-line twist. 

Top Features of the Bkool Turbo Trainer Package With Cadence Sensor

The Bkool Turbo Trainer allows you to connect yourself to routes and riders from around the world. You can share your outdoor rides and indoor sessions with friends and also compete with other Bkool users.    

Record your ride data including speed, distance, altitude, route map, calories, calculated power.
The data uploads to your personal profile on
You can view and analyse the ride data and share it with friends
Use your outdoor ride data to create and indoor trainer session
Power and cadence output display
Auto resistance fluctuation up to 20% incline
Create your own training/interval sessions on for use on your trainer
Use your recorded outdoor ride profiles and routes on your home trainer
Videos with incline resistance streaming from, 81 to choose from
and more added weekly
Training data saved to profile
Fully assembled trainer
Cadence sensor
Riser block
ANT+ USB dongle and 2 months free Gold subscription to
Quick adjustable release wheel lock
Gravity swing mounting for compliance and predictable grip
Variable resistance to replicate inclines up to 20%

Starting at $650 its a steal. Ride the tour all year round (with a month subscription of around 18). Hook it up to the big screen and join the pro's.