bkool trainer

Seems like I am full good news this week. First the Bianchi CV dealership Which is huge now this. The Bkool trainer is a standard trainer with an on-line twist. 

Top Features of the Bkool Turbo Trainer Package With Cadence Sensor

The Bkool Turbo Trainer allows you to connect yourself to routes and riders from around the world. You can share your outdoor rides and indoor sessions with friends and also compete with other Bkool users.    

Record your ride data including speed, distance, altitude, route map, calories, calculated power.
The data uploads to your personal profile on BKool.com
You can view and analyse the ride data and share it with friends
Use your outdoor ride data to create and indoor trainer session
Power and cadence output display
Auto resistance fluctuation up to 20% incline
Create your own training/interval sessions on BKool.com for use on your trainer
Use your recorded outdoor ride profiles and routes on your home trainer
Videos with incline resistance streaming from BKool.com, 81 to choose from
and more added weekly
Training data saved to BKool.com profile
Fully assembled trainer
Cadence sensor
Riser block
ANT+ USB dongle and 2 months free Gold subscription to BKool.com
Quick adjustable release wheel lock
Gravity swing mounting for compliance and predictable grip
Variable resistance to replicate inclines up to 20%

Starting at $650 its a steal. Ride the tour all year round (with a month subscription of around 18). Hook it up to the big screen and join the pro's.